Trust, Respect and Kindness

We believe that great teams are made up of kind people, with different backgrounds and skill sets, who work together in a highly collaborative and supportive environment. We show respect by trusting each other’s choices to better the game, the studio, and one another.

Quality of Work and Life

  • We focus on quality and the long term health of our game, the studio, and our team.
  • We always strive for better and more efficient workflows, processes, and technology.
  • We believe creative success comes from fast iteration.
  • Crunch is not in our vocabulary. We believe the best work comes from a team who have good work-life balance.

Everyone Gets Their Hands Dirty

We employ a multi-disciplinary approach. Everyone is encouraged to utilize all of their skills, and lend a hand in areas outside their area of expertise. Good ideas, debate, and discussion come from everyone: every single voice on the team matters.

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